JOIN A Committee

All four Land Trust committees welcome your participation. Meetings are open to the community. Get in touch to find out when they meet or need volunteers.



The Grounds Committee plans and coordinates routine maintenance of the property, such as planting and weeding, as well as special projects like fencing and repairs. It is responsible for directing our monthly Community Work Days and community service volunteers, as well as contract work of various kinds, from plumbing and electricity to tree work.



The Events Committee plans and coordinates our music festival fundraisers and other community gatherings. This involves recruiting volunteers, handling logistics, planning menus and entertainment, getting out publicity and more. Additional responsibilities include scheduling rentals of the Land Trust for other events, such as birthday parties.




The Planning Committee meets as needed to consider long-range projects and improvements, financial matters, in-depth proposals, and major decisions of all kinds. Any agenda item that proves unexpectedly tangled or deep in the course of a Board meeting, or requires more time than we can allot to it, typically becomes the focus of its own Planning meeting.



The Communication Committee is responsible for any and all communication between the Land Trust and its various overlapping communities. This includes our five online discussion groups, our email list, the bulletin board, signage, event posters, our brochure and annual calendar postcard, our monthly page in the Lake Claire Clarion, and this web site.