Our main source of funds is our annual music festivals: the Peace & Love Spring Fest every spring and the “Jerry Jam,” a tribute to the Grateful Dead, in late July. We reserve a date in the fall for a Peace & Love Harvest Fest, just in case one of the earlier festivals gets rained out. A neighborhood band called Webster holds an annual concert. We also host a mid-winter dance at a neighborhood church to help our music-loving supporters get through the cold months.


Other sources of funds include donations, “Supporter” pledges, occasional grants, rentals for weddings and other events, garden plot fees, etc.

Your donation helps us pay our insurance and maintenance costs and fund future improvements and expansions. Your financial support is an investment in local community and a sustainable planet. Donate via Paypal or credit card at the link below; mail a check made out to “LCCLT” c/o Treasurer, 270 Arizona Ave. NE, Atlanta GA 30307; or use our mailbox in the cul-de-sac.