SWEATS / Sauna


The "sweat" is a small sauna with a wood burning stove. Its use is coordinated by our trusted sweat guru, Robert Pue.

As we enter the "sweat" we release ourselves of all things, ideas, etc. that no longer serve us. Be prepared to sweat... A LOT! Inside the sauna, we may sing, express gratitude, acknowledge our "oneness," or simply just breathe in silence. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after the sweat. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a towel.

If you have never been to the sweat lodge, it's ok. We are all about sharing this wonderful experience with our loved ones and friends.

  • “Tribe Sweats” are open to the Lake Claire/Candler Community every other Monday. ($15.00 Suggested Donation)

  • “Open Sweats” are hosted on the first and second Wednesday and the fourth Tuesday of each month. ($15.00 Suggested Donation)

  • “Private Sweats” can be arranged with Robert for a group rate.

Interested in joining a sweat or scheduling a private one? Please complete the form below:

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